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Friday, 2 December 2016

IAWN diolch

The Independent Authors of Wales Network will offer help, support and exciting writerly opportunities. It is early days right now, but IAWN are looking for writers in Wales (and beyond) to help build the network and to support each other in a dynamic interactive community. IAWN will provide the expected on-line and social media boost for its members, but perhaps more useful, in the long-run, will be its annual Festivals, Competitions and a Member Review Scheme.

Member Review Scheme?

 Authors are often told that the reviews sell the books on amazon, that the quotes from reviews on a cover attract the bookshop browsers or hook potential readers to your website, but getting those reviews is not always so simple. IAWN will enable its members to get their books honestly reviewed in the Member Review Scheme. This opt-in service should be of particular benefit to younger, up-and-coming authors, or writers changing direction with their work – there will be guidelines and further terms and conditions.


The inaugural IAWN writing competition, A Year Of Legends, has already been outlined: Responding to 'Wales Year of Legends 2017', authors are asked to write a short story in response to the theme of ‘Legend’. It is hoped that there will be enough submissions of sufficient merit to produce a volume of 12 short stories – one for each month of the year – to be published in 2018… You can find more information about this IAWN short story competition by clicking the image above.

Who is behind IAWN?

I am Remy Dean - an indie author. Hundreds of my articles have appeared in a wide variety of journals and national newspapers along with more than a dozen books published over 30 years or so, some through very small presses, some by the biggest publishers in the business… Sales figures for some of my books are only just nudging into double figures, others have shifted huge numbers, well into six-figures – which would have been fantastic with a royalty deal! So, I have developed realistic expectations, tinged with great optimism. I am also co-editor of The Scrawl, a literary e-zine recently recognised by the National Library of Wales as having ‘Important Heritage Value’.

There I am! Remy Dean performing a festival reading last summer
Along with my partner, I am co-founder of IAWN, sparked into action when Literature Wales scrapped its Writers of Wales Database (which was one of the few services that provided continual support to authors in Wales). IAWN started out to fill that gap. The core of IAWN will be the Database and each member listed will also be given a dedicated webpage, but we have since recognised many more potential ways that writers of Wales can be of mutual benefit…

IAWN is open for membership via our Kickstarter campaign, to gain a ‘critical-mass’ for start-up. IAWN will not be run for profit, but does need a modest running-budget to be effective. There are criteria for full Membership, though there are also Associate Memberships available for creative writing students, journalists, young and new writers, etc.

 If you are an author, story-teller, poet, blogger... a writer of any kind, with cultural connections to Wales, please have a look at IAWN on Kickstarter and carefully consider which reward would best suit you. IAWN works on the cooperative model, so every author who subscribes, helps every other member… or simply help spread the word by telling anyone you know who may benefit from what IAWN has to offer.

Diolch yn fawr IAWN

IAWN Independent Authors of Wales Network
Ysgrifenwyr Annibynnol Rhwydwaith Cymru YARC
supporting indie authors and providing a community hub for interaction

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