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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Draft Designs for IAWN Member Web Pages

Just got these visuals through, using my own details for the dummy page.
(OK, do the 'dummy' joke, I can take it!)

IAWN Members Database Profile  

This will be the format that Member Profile Pages will probably take:

A Profile Picture of the author's choice (square, top left) with a 'notable quote' summing up the author's approach below it, and then a column for brief biography and 'bragging'.

There will be a click-through footer at the bottom of the Author Biography Column with links to Author Website, any contact details and booking information that you wish to share, and a PDF of your writing/creative Curriculum Vitae.

There will then be three columns to feature your latest three publications, or any three of your publications you wish to feature prominently. Cover Image at top of each column with your 'blurb' below each. (Cover images could click-through to your on-line shop or sales platforms.)

Details will be gathered on joining and would be up-dated with each annual subscription renewal (obviously any minor amendments can be made at any time).

Do have a look at the IAWN KickStarter campaign... and please support.

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